Cleaning A Dirty Fretboard

Cleaning A Dirty Fretboard. Once you got the strings removed then use alcohol wipes to thoroughly remove any signs of dirt on your guitar fretboard. Use a dry cloth to scrub the surface, not wool steel.

How to Scrape Clean a Very Dirty Fretboard Short Tutorial YouTube
How to Scrape Clean a Very Dirty Fretboard Short Tutorial YouTube from

Above all, do not clean your sleeve with a wet cloth! Use a vacuum to remove the steel fibre sheds. Short tutorial covering how to clean a fretboard that's had a lot of use.

Soak Some Blue Roll In Lighter Fluid And Lightly Rub The Fretboard Surface.

Apply lemon oil lavishly to the board and allow it to stay on it for at least 1 minute. Spot clean remaining dirty areas with microfiber cloth or cotton wool. Clean thoroughly to remove oil and grime from the fretboard.

Use Cotton Wool Or Microfiber Cloth For Spot Cleaning.

Then wipe off the lemon oil with the clean, soft towel until it is dry and the oily feeling is gone. Use a vacuum to remove the steel fibre sheds. Lay your guitar down somewhere safe.

Only Use #0000 Steel Wool For This Procedure.

First, to remove the built up gunk i use a razor blade to carefully scrape away the nastiness, being sure not to remove any of the rosewood. Loosen or remove the strings for a deeper clean or to apply a light guitar polish. Once soaked in, get a cloth and polish up the fretboard as well as the frets (don’t use any additional polish here, you don’t need it).

For A Deeper Clean, Remove All The Strings Or Just Loosen Them For Easier Access To The Entire Maple Fretboard.

The lighter fluid will evaporate very quickly so will not harm the timber. Spray guitar detailer onto a cloth and wipe it on the fretboard to add even more polish. Try not to look at the paper towel after you’re done.

Metal And Wood React Differently To Gunk.

In order to clean your rosewood fingerboard, you’re going to need to take off all of the strings on your guitar. Position the fretboard guard over each fret, scrubbing the fret’s surface with steel wool: Here are some tips for preparing to clean your fretboard.

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